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April 15, 2024

Application of electric linear actuators in intelligent home automation

In the 21st century, our lives have been deeply changed by technology, with the most obvious being intelligent home automation. Smart devices such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple's Siri have provided unprecedented convenience to our lives. However, these devices are limited to controlling devices such as thermostats, lighting, music, television, etc. When it is necessary to actually move objects, these devices appear inadequate. At this point, the importance of electric actuators becomes prominent.

Electric actuators are devices that convert electrical energy into linear motion, which can introduce actual physical motion into smart homes, including blinds, recliners, lifting tables, trellises, televisions, and kitchen supplies. The company specializes in providing linear motion products to enhance the efficiency and user experience of home devices.


electric actuator

Firstly, let's talk about blinds. If you could automatically adjust the opening and closing of windows according to your own needs, it would be such a luxurious thing. The electric linear push rod we have developed can significantly improve the overall performance of the sunshade louver system. The push rod can be installed into existing systems, and with just one command, it can synchronously control the sunshades in various parts of the building, transforming overheated rooms into cool oases.

Next is the lounge chair. Many pieces of furniture can already be moved electronically, and a lounge chair is one of them. The electric linear push rod allows the recliner to perform multiple movements, including adjusting the position of the head, body, and legs. Our company's push rod is compact yet powerful, capable of carrying high weights and suitable for installation in limited spaces, while meeting both load bearing and installation needs.

As for the electric lift table, it has become a standard feature in modern smart homes. More and more people are realizing the health benefits of alternating standing and sitting at work. With just a click of a button, our lifting table series can easily adjust the height of the desktop. In addition, we have also developed a mobile application that allows you to control the height of your desktop, just like controlling other smart functions in your home. This application also has a memory function, calorie recording, and custom sit and stand cycle alerts, which can help you better manage your work habits.


electric actuator

In addition, the pergola is also a luxurious facility in the backyard, which can be controlled through electric linear actuators. The automated greenhouse can easily adjust the sunshade, bringing excellent convenience. Through a simple control switch, the angle of the sunshade can be adjusted at any time according to weather or user preferences, determining the amount of sunlight shining into the shed and blocking excess sunlight. The company's electric push rod solution designed specifically for greenhouse automation is compact, precise in operation, low in noise, and can be easily controlled to effectively resist sunlight and rain, providing users with the best outdoor experience.

In smart homes, TV elevators are also a common furniture item. You can use an electric push rod to lower the TV and store it in furniture to keep the living room tidy. The company is committed to optimizing the screen/TV lifting system, providing a series of electric linear actuators and lifting pillars with a wide range of load forces, speeds, strokes, sizes, and styles to lift, tilt, or push different types of screens, TVs, and even projectors


electric actuator

Finally, let's take a look at the kitchen. Among all home environments, the kitchen may be the place that best reflects the benefits of electric actuator technology. Kitchen utensils such as adjustable height countertops, side tables, and adjustable seasoning racks can all use electric actuators to enhance performance and flexibility. Everyone's height is different, why do all workbenches have to be of the same height? The company understands the uniqueness of each kitchen requirement and tailors it specifically to the unique requirements of each project. Electric actuators can adjust load capacity, speed, retraction length, stroke, accessories, etc. Whether you are looking for an electric actuator that can save space, want to install it in a limited small space, or need a quick style to quickly locate the kitchen cabinet, you can deliver us the perfect solution for manufacturing.


Intelligent home automation is no longer a concept of the future, but a part of real life. Through electric linear actuators, we can easily control various devices in our homes, improving the comfort and convenience of life. Electric linear actuators can play an important role in furniture, curtains, televisions, and kitchen supplies.

Electric linear actuators are not only a part of smart homes, but they are also widely used in medical, agricultural, industrial, and many other fields. This demonstrates the versatility and flexibility of electric linear actuators, as well as their enormous potential in various applications.

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