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May 13, 2024

Using a low-noise electric linear actuator system, the office desk conforms to ergonomic principles

Office desk lifting system
An increasing number of employees are sitting at elevated desks to work more and more of the time. The increasing emphasis on improving employee ergonomics has led organizations to pay attention to lifting tables. In addition, the new way of working means requiring the use of brand new lift tables, as more employees share the same lift table throughout the day or week. Linsheng International supplies various electric linear actuators developed for office desks. Using any type of electric linear actuator system will bring you significant advantages.
Reliable and innovative lifting system
Environmentally friendly solution, easy to install
Global partners with over 20 years of experience
Research has shown that sedentary behavior accounts for 95% of all back pain. Office employees suffer from heart disease, diabetes and general fatigue. Organizations around the world are increasingly concerned about sitting still. The demand for furniture that conforms to ergonomic principles during exercise and work is constantly increasing. Modern electric linear actuator systems can optimize the adjustment of office desks, which helps remind employees to frequently change positions to maintain health and effectiveness.
Using reliable and innovative electric linear actuator solutions
Each product of Linsheng International has undergone comprehensive testing before leaving the factory. Comprehensive testing ensures the durability and long service life of the product with minimal or even no maintenance required. The professional production equipment in Europe and the United States ensures the stability of high-quality products. At the same time, employees of Linsheng International are striving to challenge relevant standards by applying innovative features such as safety collision prevention systems and lifting table control software.
Environmentally friendly solutions are easy to install
At Linsheng International, most office desk systems are PVC free ™ (Excluding polyvinyl chloride). Simultaneously, the control box comes standard with ZERO ™ Technology indicates that standby power consumption is less than 0.1W. Paying attention to the global and local environment is a priority task. All parts of the Lin Sheng International solution developed are well coordinated and easy to assemble. We call it Plug&Play ™ (Plug and play). And the extremely simple Lin Sheng International system is even easier to use.
Thanks to global partners with over 20 years of experience
The structure of the office desk is complex and exquisite. That's why Linsheng International showcases such a wide range of product combinations, allowing you to support bold innovation in almost any style of lift table. Lin Sheng International has over 20 years of experience in the application of electric linear actuators and always listens to their opinions when meeting customers. Ultimately, our global layout ensures that you can receive support for electric linear actuators in close proximity.

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